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Please trade with me here!

For my cards, go here!
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April 2014


received in starter pack: tabris10/08/05, england07, catastrophe03, lithuania11, smiles02, affinity05, titans06, accuracy04, lithuania14, pinkist03, freestyle05, ln_indexnt06, milk, pink pencil, purple pencil
pre release slots
claimed from grabby hands: tabirs04, thirdchild03, thirdchild15, s-rank16
received from lunch rush:
blue milk: heroine13, taser05, smiles11, butterfly08, firstchild05
ramen: voice06, ornaments15, ability08, masked10, morisummer09, ootoro08, s-rank01, guertena08, pink pencil, yellow pencil
yellow milk: gray pencil, green pencil
pink milk: costumes08, starlightacademy05, convictions09
dessert: milk, magazine
trade with [personal profile] viper: thirdchild07 for my accuracy04
received from shiritori: railun05, jump13
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notes )SLOTS

1) nerv01
2) nerv02 - swap with Kuri for funloving04
3) nerv03 - swap with Mal for fantail07
4) nerv04 - swap with Fumika for utsuwa06
5) nerv05 - swap with Raven for tari02
6) nerv06 - swap
7) nerv07 - swap
8) nerv08 -swap
9) nerv09 - swap
10) nerv10 -swap
sp) nerv11 - swap
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Tell me something. Post it anonymously. A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love: anything you want. Something about you, something about me, anything at all. Be sure to post honestly. Post as many times as you want.

i'm the only one allowed to spam aaron carter lyrics
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trade terms!

  • mass collections: absolute highest priority. if you offer anything from a series I'm mass collecting I will cry happy tears.
  • collecting: mine all mine no touchy
  • high priority: won't trade unless I'm particularly desperate for something I'm collecting.
  • low priority: will probably trade for collecting or some high priority decks.
  • keeping: not collecting, don't offer but don't ask for them. specials of characters I like, decks I might collect eventually, and cards that make me laugh.
  • trading: go for it! I don't distinguish between specials and normal decks here, so don't feel like you have to offer a special for a special. if you don't have anything I'm interested in I will always hold a card for you, for as long as you'd like.

If you get a reply from [personal profile] shouldertheburden that's because I constantly forget to log out of that particular rp account, just roll with it.

trick or treating!!!!!!!

I have green candies to give!

New clause: to receive a candy, tell me I'm cool. 


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